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Wednesday 2 July 2008


This year’s must have hair colour

A gold rush of goddesses with hair from butter yellow to ash blonde have sashayed down the runway like some new genetic breed. In a sense they are a contemporary clan, since the vast percentage of their hair colouring, thanks to chemistry rather than parentage comes from a bottle. Historically blonde hair is associated with Nordic heritage. As far back as the Romans, fashion victims were always in search of something new. Even then blonde had a rarity value and it conferred status on all those who possessed it stolen or otherwise, the Romans had Goddesses they wanted to emulate, and had them portrayed in paintings – Botticelli’s Venus,Veronese, Tintoretto… Today we have super models, rock stars and Hollywood, since its beginning the big screen has portrayed the blonde as playful, innocent, raunchy, elegant and glamorous!
It has downloaded itself into our sub-conscious that blondes are more likely to be outgoing, lively, and more feminine than there brunette or red head counter-parts. In a sense I must confess I am guilty of favoring the golden hue, not because of all of the above, but rather the challenge of executing a colour that can suggest and sum up a personality. The truth of the mater is with up to 70% of salon Clients choosing to highlight, lift or camouflage hair with the golden hue! The number one choice is quite clear. The golden/blonde hues vary from honey, strawberry, vanilla, pearl, platinum, ash, beige, caramel or cream. With the blend of one or more of these hues you then define a personality be it elegant, innocent, glamour’s, playful or powerful. The outcome is always of paramount importance to the individual creation. With all that in mind before you rush out for the new glamorous, playful or powerful you! Keep in mind that colour is the root of any girl’s personality. Be clear about the image your after, consider the commitment you are about to undertake, remember your skin tone and lifestyle, and most of all I must insist that the importance of being a blonde at anytime in history or fashion is – to be the right BLONDE!

Nadia Trowsdale